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Episode Archive

148 episodes of Veterinary Journal Club & Discussions since the first episode, which aired on July 19th, 2019.

  • Vet Book #19- Brachycephalic Syndrome (Chapter 18)

    October 25th, 2022  |  31 mins 8 secs

    Chapter 18:Brachycephalic Syndrome to Small Animal Critical Care Medicine, 2e 2nd Edition
    by Deborah Silverstein DVM DACVECC, Kate Hopper BVSc MVSc DACVECC

  • The Week, October 16-Sodium, Sodium, Sodium

    October 16th, 2022  |  46 mins 41 secs

    Bobbi talks about Sodium!

  • Vet Talk #68-Heat Stroke

    October 6th, 2022  |  49 mins 15 secs

    Bobbi talks about heat stroke in dogs and recent Grand Canyon experience.

  • Journal Club #27 - Hypoalbuminemia

    September 19th, 2022  |  53 mins 37 secs

    Haleigh Hixson returns to journal club after finding looking for articles about hypoalbuminemia to try to answer lingering questions about a case.

  • The Week, September 15-Work with Bobbi! and IVECCS

    September 15th, 2022  |  47 mins 18 secs

    Bobbi talks about her time at IVECCS this year and also announces that Virginia Tech has posted a position for a Criticalist.

  • Vet Talk #67-Study Tips

    September 1st, 2022  |  50 mins 43 secs

    Kia Williams joins the podcast to discuss some of the challenges surrounding learning how to study in vet school. Dr. Conner offers some advice.

  • Journal Club #26 - Acute Hemorrhage Diarrhea Syndrome

    August 18th, 2022  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Haleigh Hixson returns to the program to discuss two articles related to AHDS (formerly known as HGE)

  • The Week, August 15-Calcium

    August 15th, 2022  |  33 mins 54 secs

    Bobbi talks about a patient with high Calcium.

  • Vet Book #18-Upper Airway Disease (Chapter 17)

    August 7th, 2022  |  39 mins 57 secs

    Chapter 17:Upper Airway Disease to Small Animal Critical Care Medicine, 2e 2nd Edition
    by Deborah Silverstein DVM DACVECC, Kate Hopper BVSc MVSc DACVECC

  • Journal Club #25-Naloxone in Dogs

    July 25th, 2022  |  51 mins 8 secs

    Ella Rak and Emily Lichtenberger join the show to discuss a couple articles about the use of naloxone in dogs.

  • Vet Talk #66-Being an Ally

    July 24th, 2022  |  1 hr 7 mins

    Dr. Michelle Moyal joins the program to talk about having difficult conversations in difficult times!

  • Journal Club #24 - Veterinary Chiropractic

    July 11th, 2022  |  41 mins 36 secs

    Gin Carter joins the program to discuss an article reviewing the impact of chiropractic treatments on the development of spondylosis in Boxers.

  • Vet Talk #65-Veterinary Leadership Experience rundown

    June 26th, 2022  |  1 hr 3 mins

    Veterinary student Will Boyd rejoins the program to discuss a leadership training camp that he & Dr. Conner both attended earlier this month.

  • Journal Club #23 - Rabies Testing

    June 24th, 2022  |  35 mins 45 secs

    Veterinary student Will Boyd joins the program to discuss an article that is important for the research he's participating in on rabies surveillance!

  • Journal Club #22 - GDV

    June 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 4 mins

    Haleigh Hixson and Scott Thornton join the podcast to discuss a few articles about gastric dilatation-volvulus.

  • Journal Club #21-Maropitant

    May 30th, 2022  |  53 mins 35 secs

    Rising 4th years Brittany Boitnott and Haleigh Hixson join to discuss some articles about using maropitant for something other than vomiting.